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Not another social network!

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Perhaps you’re on Facebook or Twitter or Google+ or LinkedIn or all of them and more. Perhaps you’re not on any social network at all and can’t see the point. Perhaps you don’t know what the hell a social network is (click here!).

Are you visual?

If you’re overcommitted and feel like you’re going under for the third time because there’s just so much out there online, you may think I’m completely crazy to suggest you get involved in yet another social network.

But if you’re a visual person I am suggesting exactly that.


After hearing about it but resisting for weeks, I’ve just joined Pinterest. And I love it.

What is it? An online pinboard onto which you can pin any image around the web that inspires you or takes your fancy. Or upload your own images (great for the artists among you!) You can follow others and see what they like, so you get a wonderful cross-fertilisation of visual ideas and styles.

You can set up several different pinboards to group your topics together. For example when you’re decorating your living room and trying to remember that great colour combination you spotted a few weeks back, it’s right there on your “Home ideas” pinboard.

Or if you’re a photographer and get inspired by, say, trees, you can collect a glorious collage of tree images to inspire you.


Another thing that might grab your attention about Pinterest is that unlike almost every other social media site, its membership demographic is currently overwhelmingly female. Eighty percent female to male in fact, and age range mostly in the 25 to 54 bracket. In other words this isn’t a site for teenage male geeks (although of course we love ’em!).


Using Pinterest is really pretty intuitive, but if you’d like a tutorial, there’s a good one at BlogHer – click here.

Are you already on Pinterest?

My own Pinterest pinboards are still in a fairly embryonic state as I sort out categories and cherry-pick images. But of course I’d love for you to check them out. Click here to find me on Pinterest.

If you’re there too, please leave a link to your boards in the comments: I’d be really interested to follow you and see what’s grabbing your attention.

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16 Responses to Not another social network!

  1. Thanks but no thanks. I just joined Vimeo today because of the welsh potter Adam Buick’s amazing time-lapse photography videos he had posted. I write my blog, I follow over 50 blogs and about that many webcomics, and I’m at my time limit.
    WOL recently posted..A Little Free-hand LunchMy Profile

  2. I think very visually, like make inspirational and aspirational “vision boards” for myself, and would find this enjoyable – but what about copyrights? At the present time I post on my blog only photos that belong to me. Surely images on the net are all the property of whoever took them? And apart from the rights and wrongs of it, I’d hate to find my happy little pinboard had landed me in a law suit. I realise other people do this all the time – Facebook is littered with folk who pinch copyright images for their ID, and post other people’s pics uncredited on their wall; but I’m not sure they’re wise to do so. Is this issue covered and I’m not aware of it, perhaps?
    Ember recently posted..Peace and lightMy Profile

    • Hi Ember, this is a really good question, which I must admit I hadn’t thought of! I just checked the Pinterest site, and here’s a link to their copyright policy: http://pinterest.com/about/copyright/
      The way it works is that all photos you “pin” unless they’re your own automatically link back to the site you found them on, so in that way they give credit to the original poster. But of course that relies on the original poster not themselves having infringed copyright.
      I guess also there are different copyright laws in different countries and the internet is borderless, which complicates matters (although Pinterest, being American, acts under US copyright law).
      In terms of images on blog posts: what I do, because I tend not to have many of my own photos, is to use photos from Flickr published under a Creative Commons License (http://creativecommons.org/). There are different kinds of license but I search photos requiring an attribution license. This means that so long as you add a link back to the photographer on Flickr (who themselves set the type of license), everything is fine. Another blogger put me on to that method and I must say it’s a very good way of putting visual interest on a blog and re-sharing the excellent work from Flickr photographers.

  3. Definitely on Pinterest..been there for a long time, as you will see if you check my boards


    I actually have to limit my time..it is like giant Vision Boards!! LOVE it!
    As far as it being female? ..a guy runs it. And guys could very easily be there if they wanted to..I am sure most sites today have Pinterst links.
    Janie recently posted..Etta JamesMy Profile

  4. Like so many people, my first reaction to hearing about Pinterest was, “oh no, not ANOTHER social media site to keep up with.” But it turned out to be love at first sight. Beyond being visual, what a Huffington Post article suggested was a differentiator is that its not so much “look at me” (FB and Twitter) and “look at this.” It’s a content curation site and a very good one. I have a personal account (http://www.pinterest.com/leeneel and a business account http://www.pinterest.com/thefundraisingresource and am enjoying both as they have very different orientations.

    • Hi Lee, welcome to my site and thanks for your comment. Yes, it was love at first sight for me too. And you make a really relevant point about it being content curation, not “look at me”! There’s such richness out there.
      By the way the link to you Fundraising Resource doesn’t seem to work, but you’ve given me an idea, I might set up a separate Pinterest account for the nonprofit I run.

  5. Yes I finally got talked into it by someone who was counseling me on promotion for my business. I am getting a new computer and have begun a process of pulling a lot of photos off of my hard drive and putting them on pinterest: thus –

    I must have some OCD in me. It is fascinating in an OCD kind of way. It is getting me thinking about subjects I like to think about and back to doing some writing. I am enjoying your “pins” —
    Elizabeth recently posted..Elizabeth Scupham — Structural IntegratorMy Profile

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