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I wish you love

I wish you shelter from the storm,
A cosy fire to keep you warm,
But most of all, when snowflakes fall
I wish you love.

Music Leo Chauliac, English lyrics Albert A Beach
Sung beautifully here by Blossom DearieĀ 

It wouldn’t be Valentine’s Day if we didn’t think about love, would it?

And I’m thinking not only of romantic love, but all kinds of love.

We love our children and grandchildren. We love our families, whether those of blood or the closer ties of deliberate deep friendship. We love the animal friends in our lives. We love music, art, words and beauty. We love whatever we think of as the divine.

But not inevitably.

Love is a choice

Love is a choice and sometimes the choice can be too scary for us to make.

Love makes us vulnerable. It makes us vulnerable to loss, to making fools of ourselves, to fear, to searing empathy.

So in wishing you, and myself, love, it’s a big and difficult wish I’m sending. But the alternative wraps us in a hard cynical shell from which it can become impossible to break free. And I definitely don’t wish you that.

So I wish you love, and I include in that love for your wonderful self, which can be easy to overlook. Let’s celebrate love, of all kinds.

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