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Leap: I dare you!

In my February newsletter, I issued a challenge and I repeat it here: 2012 is a leap year. And next Wednesday, 29th February is Leap Day. Let’s take that day and do something wonderful and scary with it! Here’s what I said in my newsletter:

Leap Day

Now traditionally what this means is that us poor humble little women may take the initiative and propose marriage to men… But I propose not marriage but something rather different for all us cackling crones!

Let’s take that extra day, the Leap Day, the 29th February, and plan something special for it. Something scary. Let’s remove the safety nets from our lives. On that day, let’s leap.

Think of something you’ve wanted to do for a long time. Big, small, sensible, silly: it doesn’t matter. It just has to be something that gets you waaaay outside your comfort zone.

Don’t judge yourself. Something you find scary will be daily fare to another. A bold person’s challenge may be to become vulnerable and quiet. Just as difficult as an introvert taking an improv class.

On or near 29 February

Now a couple of you contacted me after the newsletter to say what you want to do won’t be possible on the actual 29th. So that’s fine – it’s more important to stick to the spirit of the Leap than the actual date. So arrange whatever it is for some time between now and the 1st March.

Get ready…

So make your plans, make any arrangements you need to, and off you go. Stand on that cliff edge, whether it be an actual marriage proposal or an actual cliff, aaaaaannnnnddddd….. LEAP!!

Then share

Oh look of course if what you’ve done is so private you can’t share it then that’s wonderful, and I wish you joy of it. And if you can, I would absolutely love it if you came back here next Friday, 2nd March.

Because this is how it’s going to work: on Friday 2nd I’ll publish a short blog post telling you what I did, and invite you to link either to your own post describing your Leap Adventure, or to share in the comments.

I suspect that between us all, we’ll have some brave and interesting stories to tell, so please Leap and tell!

And if there’s someone else you think might be intrigued by this idea, do please point them in this direction.

Happy Leaping!

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12 Responses to Leap: I dare you!

  1. Oh Tess, we are on the same wave length. I was just thinking about this sort of thing on the way to work this morning before seeing your post. I am really having a hard time thinking about something out of my comfort zone that I have been wanting to do, something small just for that day but significant for me. Luckily, I have a week to think about it. And if it were not for your post I might have just ignored the day. But now, with your dare how can I ignore it? I can’t wait to see what I come up with!
    I love what you make us think about.

  2. The biggest risks are about relationships, out of bounds as far as sharing online. There are professional and artistic leaps though, and one in particular at the back of my mind, I’ll give it some thought. The idea is magnificent, and so perfectly aligned with its timing. I hope everybody shares, so I should too. Let’s see how it all goes.

  3. Hi Tess. What a brilliant and inspired idea!! You have no idea how much I would love to join in by abseiling from a great height! Sadly, due to health issues, this is not an option =( So. I will have to have a think and having thunk, see what I can come up with to join in!

  4. So Tess, today’s the DAY! Thank you for issuing the challenge. As you know, since my sixtieth birthday I have been doing things I’ve never done before and today I just may be inspired to go even further outside my comfort zone!

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