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Bitten off more than I can chew

Simple-foodHave you ever felt you’ve bitten off more than you can chew?

I’d like my life to have the serenity and simplicity of this photograph, but at the moment it feels more like a super-sized Big Mac eaten at speed!

Over Easter I took a Peace Break. It was wonderful, and it brought home to me a hard truth: I am not superhuman.

Because, you see, I want to be. I want to be one of those women who go through life effortlessly juggling families, friends, careers, hobbies, housework, volunteer work at the soup kitchen and travel, and still find time to home-study for a doctorate while saving the world on the side and having an intense spiritual life. Yes I know those women don’t really exist, but they appear to, and that’s what bugs me. It makes me feel less.


I took a rough inventory of my current “stuff”. Here are the highlights:

  • My day job (working as recruiter for a wonderful charity supporting adults and children with complex learning disabilities) is about to get really manic for a few months as our services expand and we recruit to fill them. I’ll be travelling around the country with a lot of overnight stays.
  • I’m failing to give enough attention to the Wholesome Food Association (an organisation I run which provides an alternative to organic certification for people who grow and sell food in the UK on a small, local scale).
  • I’m doing everything at the last minute (I’m giving an Enneagram workshop this Saturday and haven’t even begun to prepare it).
  • I’m way behind in a course of study I embarked on at the beginning of the year.
  • I have a corporate tax return to complete by the end of this month.
  • I have a half-written book on my computer.
  • I’ve never fully developed an on-line course here at Pilgrim’s Moon, which I think you’ll really enjoy once it’s finished.
  • I have half-finished craft projects all over my study.
  • I have two business ideas and websites in development which haven’t got anywhere for six months.
  • I have 452 unread emails in my in-box.

I’m yelling at my poor cat, not seeing enough of my friends, frittering time on social media, wasting money because I need to sort out my finances, not exercising, drinking to relax and, going back to where we started, feeling sluggish and greasy because I’m eating too many take-aways. (I haven’t yet sunk to the depths of a Big Mac, but that’s mostly snobbery!)

Blogging Sabbatical

So here’s the thing: I’m taking a blogging sabbatical.

I’m tired. Tired of waking up in the early hours panicking about everything I’m behind with. Tired of living an overstretched life. Tired of not doing things well. Just plain tired. And tired of pretending not to be!

Quality not quantity

I need to make some hard choices, and I don’t want to put out poor quality articles here with regurgitated ideas. So I’m not going to be writing at Pilgrim’s Moon until around the end of July. I hope you’ll stick around and join me again then, and that I’ll be able at that point to deliver some high-quality original writing and ideas. I’ll send out a newsletter when I’m back (so if you’re not on my mailing list, click here to join).

I’ll still be around on the Pilgrim’s Moon Facebook Page and reading other people’s blogs, and looking forward to catching up with you again soon.

Meanwhile, loving wishes to you all.


Photo credit: Agnes Leung

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26 Responses to Bitten off more than I can chew

  1. Loving wishes to you too, Tess.

    You’re describing a place I’ve been at in my life many, many times. I escpecially like the details you supplied of the many (MANY) expectations you’ve been having of yourself. By all means, please have a good break.

    I find your writing . . . NUTRITIOUS, on both the spiritual and practical levels. Always eager for more of it . . . but. Take. Your. Time.

    By the way, when I clicked on the link above to receive your newsletter that will notify us when you’ve started posting again at PM, it didn’t work for me. So, maybe you can add me to that list by hand. Thanks.

  2. Just one more thought: I’m intrigued that a woman who is not in either the wife or mother role (yourself) nevertheless feels compelled to be a super-giver. Certainly not all women are like this. But so many more women than men seem compelled to be givers that it makes me think we females need specific training on how to exercise true choice on how much to give to others, and how much to give to ourselves.

    Not that you or I need to take on the task of creating such training. Just sayin’. 🙂
    Alison Wiley recently posted..The End Is Never Really The EndMy Profile

    • Thanks Alison, for both comments, and the fellow-feeling. (Strange about the newsletter link, it works as far as I can see, but no worries.)
      I LOVE the word nutritious in respect of my writing. Thank you so much. The word describes so well all the best of life, not just writing.
      As to being a super-giver. There’s something to what you say. I tend to think of my own “giving” more as the need to “achieve”, but it’s certainly true that quite a bit of it is directed outward at others.

  3. Tess…you and your blog are well worth waiting for!

    Care for yourself…support and encourage youself like you would your best friend. Take as much time as it takes to SLOWLY chew what you have bitten off and we’ll see you back here when you resurface.

  4. I am one who starts lots of things and finds it difficult to finish any of them. Once in a while I have to stop and take some time to sort through things, decide what needs to stay and get done and what needs to just be let go. It’s always a challenge but so worth it.

    I will be thinking of you while you are away from here and look forward to your return.
    Patricia recently posted..Friday, F is for friends…My Profile

      • I like it a lot. I read blogs (blogger, wordpress and tumblr), follow a bunch of webcomics and have some feeds for my favorite newspaper comics all in one place. It lets you organize feeds, and you can read the content exactly as it would appear if you just went directly to the blog in question. It also allows you to retain pages you’ve already read, but don’t want to delete.
        WOL recently posted..Monday Evening MemoriesMy Profile

  5. Tess, we talked about Feminism and Religion a couple of times, I know you have a great respect for the Journal, so why not post your own entries there now and then? There’s a mailing address at the site which encourages new contributors. The audience at FAR is huge because of so many different voices. You could keep Pilgrim’s Moon alive as your home base at the same time. But no matter what you decide I just want to thank you for providing for us all a far more positive feeling toward aging, via your wonderfully fun and feisty encouragement.

  6. Oh my! Just reading “the highlights” of your to-do list left me reeling! 🙂 (The Wholesome Food Association is a brilliant idea, BTW. And has a lovely website.)

    By all means, take whatever time you need. We’ll be here and happy to see you when you return. No rush!

    And take good care of yourself, too! I have to admit to cringing a little at Steve Maraboli’s advice to “Exhaust yourself with all (today) has to offer!” (in Daily Graffiti on the sidebar). Maybe “immerse” or “celebrate” or even (gasp!) “relax and enjoy” would be a kinder/saner approach?

    No one will ever mistake me for a Three on the enneagram! 🙂

    See you in July!

  7. thank you, Tess! Thank you for your authenticity and honesty! I find that so refreshing and freeing. Look forward to hearing from you in the summer. Stay true to yourself!

  8. Are you coming back? I’ve missed you and your posts and hope you’re wonderfully refreshed and relaxed!

    Be good to you!

  9. Your posts are so inspiring; hope you’re soon feeling well enough to be back again. I’ll keep checking your Facebook page too. Thanks for being you.

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