Women growing older with grace and gusto

Creative until you die

Just sharing with you briefly this wonderful article from the Hollywood Reporter featuring some fantastic, irreverent nonagenarians, including Betty White, Cloris Leachman (check out what she’s wearing on her hands), Dick Van Dyke and many more.

Click here for a total breath of fresh air!

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6 Responses to Creative until you die

  1. How inspiring. May we each be so involved with life, joy, and creativity that we have no time for bothering with the inconveniences of old age! 🙂

    Speaking from the threshold age of going on 66 (in April).

    Ta, Tess!


  2. Great to see Pilgrim’s Moon light up. Always enjoy your posts, Tess, thanks so much. On nonagenarians, these days I tend to dress like a boy – jeans, boots, and pullovers, but it does make me feel younger.

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