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Lighting the dark

Imagine you are living many, many hundreds of years ago, relying on the land around to sustain you, not buying out of season food air-freighted in from far countries. Winter’s grip still holds you firmly, you and your tribal family worry there will not be enough to eat to see you through the season, that the new crops will not come in time.

But today in the North is Imbolc, a Celtic celebration of the growing light, one of the great cross-quarter days of the year. Both Pagans and Christians celebrate the Goddess Brigid/Saint Bridget, bringer of poetry, healing and the fire of smithcraft. Perhaps, all those hundreds of years ago, you would be gathered close around a fire at the centre of your roundhouse with other elders, swapping stories of the past and the future, or walking out to observe the subtle quickening of the land, its expectant energy.

In these times today, a friend of mine said “it’s our art that will get us through”. And I think that’s true. Our arts, and our crafts and our storytelling will be the light.

Imbolc blessings to you all.

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6 Responses to Lighting the dark

  1. Hi Tess,
    This is an exceedingly fine post, certainly from my heart’s viewpoint, indeed. And when we speak of our arts, our creativity, that includes these wonderful blogs, like Pilgrim’s Moon, and lots of other work we share on the Internet — much of it so very special, and also wonderfully unique to our time.

  2. A beautiful post. It got me thinking that humanity, even in the darkest times, always had community and celebration. it’s significant right now, as we struggle through one of the cruelest and confusing eras in American history.

  3. at this time of increasing light – earlier sunrise, later sunset – as I walk next door each evening to cook for DS2, I notice, as never before, the lengthening days. Most evenings I walk back home under starlight.

    May we be light, love, and hope to each other as we choose to create and care despite what is whirling and swirling around us.

    Imbolc blessings to you and to all…


    • Thank you Barbara Anne, and yes the lengthening days are a blessing. We had a superbly beautiful day here yesterday – bright, sunny and still crisp and cold. A feeling that Spring is just around the corner.

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