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Sunday Collection: about love

It having been Valentine’s Day this week, I thought a small collection of links relating to love in some of her many guises would be good.

If you don’t know Jan Richardson’s work, you are really blessed, because you have such wonderful discovery ahead of you. Jan is an artist, writer and poet. Her husband died after not many years of marriage and when her grief was new, she wrote a Valentine’s Blessing for the Brokenhearted. None of us in middle years and later will have reached this age without loss, and Jan’s poem is indeed a blessing. Click here to read it.

We sometimes forget to love ourselves in our hurry to love others or to change the world. As Hecatedemeter says in her post On the Importance of Self-Care, “self-care” is an annoying phrase, but it is important. She talks specifically in the context of activism in the new world of Trump, but no matter where we live we all have external struggles to which we must give attention. And we must “fill the well” by giving attention and care to ourselves as well. By which neither she nor I mean only the occasional bubble bath. As she says,

it will be vitally important not to lose track of what brings you joy

Click here to read her post.

Christine Valters Paintner is always interesting, and this week she’s written a love song to the body. Here’s an excerpt:

The dreams of my body are about breathing so deeply that every cell expands and shimmers; they are about resting into a generous multiplicity of sabbath moments each day, of swimming through warm and buoyant water, walking through a thick grove of trees, feeling wind across my skin, experiencing the fire of my passions kindling within. My body is dreaming of space for all of these and for the yet unknown dreams, the ones that pulse deep within me and with time and space will emerge in their own beauty and power. Our bodies long to be in intimacy with the world around us.

To read the whole thing (including a wonderful poem by Mary Oliver) click here.

And to end, what would Valentine’s week be without a classic love song. Take it away Joan…


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4 Responses to Sunday Collection: about love

  1. Hi Tess,

    It’s so nice to see Pilgrim’s Moon popping up in my inbox again! This was a particularly lovely offering – like a gathering of old and new (online) friends.

    I’m looking forward to hearing more about your work with the Enneagram, too – and wishing I lived close enough to attend in person. These are challenging times for us fear-based head types (for us all, of course, in our own ways. But that Five tendency toward overthinking and over-consuming information certainly doesn’t help.). Your post, with its gentle reminders to get back into my body – and Joan Armatrading for a soundtrack – was the perfect ending to the weekend!


  2. Jane, thanks so much for your lovely comment. I wish you lived closer, too. My dear friend Lynne who I’m working with on the Enneagram is also a Five and would resonate with what you say. Good luck getting back into your body, remember you are not only a talking head!

  3. What a joy to connect again with the work of Jan Richardson, to discover Hecatedemeter (thanks,I needed that!) and Christine V. Painter, and to hear Joan Armatrading once again. TA!

    Love and more love, keep loving, and perhaps perhaps perhaps, the loving vibes will turn the scary tide in this world. May it be so.

    Most excellent post, my friend!

    Oh, and I look forward to the Enneagram lessons, too.


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