Women growing older with grace and gusto


It’s only too late if you don’t start now.

Barbara Sher

image by alice popkorn

Do you love learning new things? Do you have far more interests than any one woman could fulfil in a lifetime? Are you in middle life or later and worried that time is running out? Do your friends sometimes wonder why you spend so much time navel-gazing? Do you think work is as much about making a contribution as making money? Do you believe in your bones that your life is becoming more valuable as you get older, not less? Are you spiritual but hate rules and dogma?

Then you’ve come to the right place.

Let’s ignore current mainstream ideas about women aging: that we must strive to look as young as possible as long as possible, that aging is something to be embarrassed about, to hide, that “old” is an insult, that menopause is something to be feared.

Here, we’ll explore living life creatively, with a sense of the sacred and in community with each other. We’ll share ways of keeping our minds and bodies as healthy as possible. You’ll find specific ways to help you live fully and abstract reflections designed to get you thinking.

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What this site is not about

You won’t find anything here about how to look younger. Hey, if you want to spend your money on botox or have some work done on those bags under your eyes, then good for you. Just make sure you’re doing it for you, not to fit in and be more acceptable.

I’m not puritanical about this, by the way, I have serious clothesaholic tendencies. But there are loads of other sites that cover how to choose the right lipstick and the latest skin peel techniques.

Why Pilgrim’s Moon

Why the name Pilgrim’s Moon? Because life at its best is a magical journey along a winding path, and sometimes we can see more clearly in the shadows cast by moonlight than in the noonday sun. We’re all pilgrims of sorts, sometimes stumbling, sometimes running forward along the path. And the positioning of the apostrophe? Well although we’re all on the path together, for each of us it’s an individual journey.

And lest (I do like the word lest, don’t you?) we descend too far into woo-woo land, let’s aim to keep a sense of humour and irony at all times.

Let’s begin

So let’s begin our journey:

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Finally, a word on spelling: ‘ageing’ or ‘aging’? It seems either is correct, in either British or American English. So I stuck a pin in the computer screen and went for the latter.