About me

Want to know a bit about who you’re dealing with?

  • I love words and images, so I write and I create mixed-media artwork.
  • I have a weakness for very bitter dark chocolate, organic of course.
  • I fail sometimes and I’m a world-class procrastinator; a few years ago I wouldn’t have been able to admit either of those things.
  • Sometimes when I’m standing in a sunlit garden or a frosty wood I think my heart will burst with the beauty.
  • I don’t have any genetic predisposition to tidiness. I wish I did.
  • I was born in 1953 in a North London suburb into a liberal Catholic family with Jewish ancestors. Now my spirituality is more free-range, with Benedictine Christianity as its cornerstone and influenced by feminist theology and pantheistic ideas.
  • I can hardly imagine life without books or the internet.
  • I relish the practice of reclaiming terms that have been used to demean older women: crone, hag, harridan, witch. Roll the words around your tongue, feel how splendid and powerful they are.
  • I’m in the process of simplifying my life and finding ways to live in a more planet-friendly way.
  • I love fairy tales, legends and the great mythic quests like Lord of the Rings and the Earthsea series. I suspect dragons really exist.

Want a more conventional biography? OK, here you go:

Tess Giles Marshall

Tess’s business background is in human resources management and training, in professional services firms. She has managed people and projects, worked in the fields of diversity and corporate social responsibility, and acted as coach and mentor.

She now provides private coaching for individuals and teaches the Enneagram, a system for personal and spiritual growth.

Tess also leads a small non-profit organisation, The Wholesome Food Association, which provides an alternative to full organic certification for farmers/growers in the UK who operate on a small scale. The WFA promotes local food for local communities.

She is a Benedictine Oblate: a lay person who lives the spirit of the monastic Rule of Benedict in everyday life. She is interested in different beliefs and belongs to a local women’s interfaith group.

Tess is based in the United Kingdom.

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