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Taking a peace break

  A yellow flower (Light and Spirit) Sings by itself For nobody. Thomas Merton I‘m taking a few decompression days, so no blog posts and no Sunday Collection this week. No Facebook, no Pinterest, no email. I’m switching off my computer and mobile phone. I’m getting out my camera, my paints, my journals, my collage.… Continue Reading

My most beautiful thing

Beautifully talented writer Fiona Robyn has just published her latest book: The Most Beautiful Thing. If you’re interested in my review of it, click here. I commend Fiona’s book to you wholeheartedly, it is indeed beautiful. And today a number of us are picking up on the theme of beauty and writing about our most… Continue Reading

How to bring your life into focus

I’ve been working recently on a short-term contract as account manager in a large photographic studio. I’d never worked in an environment like this before and it’s taught me some very interesting things. When I first walked round the studio floor and watched models wearing jewellery being photographed next to a dining furniture set, next… Continue Reading

Once upon a time…

The way in which old fairy tales can be re-imagined makes them very powerful. Dr Clarissa Pinkola Estes is a mistress of this, and Sara Maitland’s short stories often follow similar themes. They help us explore the power of aging, and how we are sometimes afraid of it. One old tale really taps into this fear of… Continue Reading

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