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This one’s for Barbara

My lovely friend and reader Barbara Anne has pointed out that the photograph in my most recent post is a bit doomy and gloomy. She asks for something more cheerful in lieu of a new post.

So here’s a photo I came across of sheer autumn joy. And a question: when was the last time you felt this happy, and if it’s been a while, what would make you this happy again?

Autumn joy



Spending time making a living

Writing my morning pages today, my thoughts were spinning on the familiar hamster wheel of keeping afloat financially. I found myself writing the phrase “making a living” as I jotted down thoughts on how to do so. But then the peculiarity of the phrase struck me. Do we really “make a living”? What does it mean? Because… Continue Reading

Sleeping late

First, I want to say how grateful I am for all the comments on the blog and privately that I’ve had from readers keen to see this space continue when I raised the question of its future recently. I’m really touched by your enthusiasm. So we will definitely keep going. I will write when I have… Continue Reading

Is anything left to say?

I haven’t written at Pilgrim’s Moon for months. For two reasons: I have a “day job” which has become a multi-headed hydra taking up not only my day, but my evenings and my weekends I wonder whether I have anything left or anything new to say about women growing older in positive and subversive ways… Continue Reading

Holiday hiatus days

These few days are a little strange, aren’t they? Not quite the end of the holidays, but definitely in that streeetchy time between the Yuletide festivities and the start of a new year. Some of us will be feeling a little, er, over-nourished and physically ill at ease. Some of us have faced our first… Continue Reading

Light and darkness

‘What does he sing of?’ Arren asked the mage… ‘Of the grey whales, and the albatross, and the storm…’ (from The Farthest Shore by Ursula Le Guin) Beyond my window as I write this, a dramatic fire-streaked sunset is submitting slowly to the darkness of the longest night: Winter Solstice. In Ursula Le Guin’s book The Farthest Shore,… Continue Reading

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