The Crone’s manifesto

Are you a Crone? Old(er) women everywhere are beginning to reclaim powerful words such as crone, which have been used in demeaning ways for centuries.

Not all older women are Crones. To be a Crone is a deliberate way of living, a badge of honour, not a by-product of longevity. You’re not a Crone if your mind is closed, if your heart is cold, if you’re unaware of what your instincts are telling you.

Below is a (wo)manifesto for all Crones and Crones-in-training. Why not come out as a Crone by adding a comment to this page?

  • I will banish the word ‘should’ from my life
  • I will laugh a lot, including gently at myself sometimes
  • I will gather my community of loved ones close about me
  • I will speak up bravely when I need to
  • I will demonstrate that a little eccentricity gives spice to life
  • I will live more simply, leaving space for what’s really important to me
  • I will treat my body to movement and to delicious, nourishing food
  • I will compromise as little as possible
  • I will find all kinds of occasions and people to celebrate
  • I will live in a profoundly creative way, understanding that the word creative does not always refer to the arts but to a deeper current running through life
  • I will, being human, feel fear and regret sometimes; I will not allow those feelings to define me
  • I will ask for help when I need it
  • I will mark the significant moments of life, large and small
  • I will mourn my losses fiercely, in my own way
  • I will fall in love when I feel like it
  • I will work to heal our beautiful planet home
  • I will do and learn things I’ve always wanted to do and learn
  • I will forget to worry what people think of me
  • I will discover my gifts and offer them freely
  • It is entirely likely I will wear purple
  • I will live a spiritual life, although not necessarily a religious one
  • I will keep an open mind and an open heart
  • I will learn to cackle

174 thoughts on “The Crone’s manifesto”

  1. Oh yes, I am a Crone! So glad to have found this pond of lovely Swans…. No longer the ugly duckling, I have finally matured, joyfully gliding gracefully into my own being. I am 61 going on 6 and loving every minute!

  2. So many words and phrases get misconstrued and given an incorrect meaning like Crone. Nice to see the True meaning. I don’t know what age one must be to be considered a Crone but count me in!

  3. Newly 60 (!), how did that happen? I have considered my self a crone for some time now, lovely to find your blog! I love the quotes and look forward to reading more!

  4. Thank you for this wonderful reading. Just about 50 and in need of inspiring words, they came at the right time! So important for woman to share their hourneys.
    I will see the little things in life every day,looking at the little pansys at my door smiling at me every morning when i leave the house or when I come back home. Love watching the bees hovering from flover to flower being busy in this world,love listening to the birds talking in the trees……
    Thanks so much again for this
    Tanja, crone in training.

  5. I’m on the threshold of 60 and for the life of me I really don’t know how I got here!!! But looking at all the previous verses and comments I realise it’s about time I embraced this phase of my life. Life is meant to be lived and so far I haven’t done that. Well it’s about to change😃

  6. have just been confirmed as post-menopausal and found this site. true karma. I am a crone and I have put so many years and tears into the journey, it is time to proclaim myself proudly.

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