Women growing older with grace and gusto

You want it darker

I felt a blast of irrational fury towards Leonard Cohen on Friday when I heard that he had died. Christ, Leonard, did you have to go and die on us in such a week? When so many Americans chose the candidate who promotes hatred and fear? When the Klan announced a victory parade for Trump and the… Continue Reading

Lammas apples

Working in an office and living in an apartment, nonetheless I try to spend time out under the sky at the weekends and especially at those points of the year where the wheel turns. Tomorrow is Lammas, the first harvest festival of the year. Where I live we have a wonderful rural life museum built in… Continue Reading

Dark times at midsummer

  I’ve lived over sixty years and I can’t recall ever feeling as depressed and hopeless as I have felt and still feel this week. Orlando First, the attack on Pulse nightclub in Orlando. Forty-nine people having a fun night out in a gay nightclub, gone. As a bi woman, this hate crime with its terrible toll… Continue Reading

Women’s histories

I went to a local Vintage and HandMade goods fair at the weekend. If I’m going to buy something I want it to be a little unusual, so I now have a beautiful lino-cut print of a running hare for a particular spot on my wall that’s been waiting for something. And an unusual ceramic… Continue Reading

A centennial story

My darling Mum would have celebrated her 100th birthday this week. Sadly she died at only 74, but it made me reflect on her life and the amazing things that have happened in the last 100 years. Her name was Ethel. Born bang smack in the middle of the First World War to a working… Continue Reading

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