Women growing older with grace and gusto

It’s (not) just your imagination

You wonderful readers! I asked for a tenth suggestion in my post Nine ways to prime your imagination and I got enough ideas for a second post. You left comments on this site and by email, on Facebook and via Twitter. There were some common themes so I’ve pulled them together here: Take up some… Continue Reading

Let’s talk about body image

The French have a phrase bien dans sa peau: at home in her skin. If you have no body image issues, that’s fantastic. You don’t need to read this, and please know you give the rest of us hope. Body loathing Our bodies are not something separate from us, they are part of us, and… Continue Reading

Care: giving and taking

In the middle of this road we call our life, I found myself in a dark wood With no clear path through Dante Alighieri Becoming a care giver This is a challenging post to write. It can be one of the most difficult, beautiful, frustrating, uplifting, heart-breaking, rewarding things about growing older: the likelihood that… Continue Reading

Nine ways to prime your imagination

Here are nine ways to release the genie of imagination from your grubby lamp. Sleep. First because it’s difficult to be live creatively when you’re exhausted. Second because even if you don’t remember your dreams, you’re having them anyway, and your subconscious is making all kinds of gigantic leaps and connections that your conscious mind… Continue Reading

What tantrums teach us about creativity

Creativity is a much misunderstood concept and many women find it disconcerting and challenging. Perhaps we think it’s all about the visual arts…But I believe creativity is one of the cornerstones of a joyful old age, and that everyone is deeply creative…At its most fundamental level, living itself is a deeply creative art. Pilgrim’s Moon… Continue Reading

Why I’m a coffee snob: the importance of rituals

I refuse to drink instant coffee, even to be polite. It’s disgusting. I drink coffee only in the morning, as a precious part of my routine. I trickle a handful of good dark roast beans into my coffee grinder, press the button and listen to the efficient crushing noise of the blades. I put the… Continue Reading

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