Women growing older with grace and gusto

Stepping stones

image by andrew girdwood

I believe there are seven stepping stones across the sometimes turbulent water of growing older which can help us on our path to becoming gloriously unconventional old women:

  1. Befriend ourselves and others
  2. Celebrate life’s markers, big and small
  3. Sanctify our lives by exploring the sacred in the everyday
  4. Simplify our lives by getting rid of all that physical and mental clutter that drags us down
  5. Contribute our gifts to the world in our work and other activities
  6. Create: use our deep creativity, however it manifests in our lives
  7. Embody who we are in our physical selves

Our stepping stones are sometimes side-by-side; sometimes you might need a big stride to get to the next one, or even a hop skip and a leap.

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