Women growing older with grace and gusto


image by deb roby

What’s your first reaction to the word creativity?

It’s a much misunderstood concept and many women find it disconcerting and challenging. Perhaps we think it’s all about the visual arts, so that anyone who isn’t a gifted painter or sculptor, for example, can’t lay claim to being creative.

But I believe creativity is one of the cornerstones of a joyful old age, and that everyone is deeply creative, so if you don’t think you are Creative with a capital C don’t worry, let’s unpack the concept.

Being creative can indeed be about making art or sculpture, about writing fiction or poetry or music. But what about the gardeners and cooks among us? What about the grandmothers who enthral us with their story-telling, or the hospice workers who comfort the dying? What about that friend who sets a special table for supper and makes you feel warm and cared for the moment you step through her door? Or your life partner, who can still make you laugh after 30 years together? What about the programmer who writes just exactly the piece of software you were looking for to run your business smoothly? And what about motherhood, whether you’re birthing a child, a book or a symphony?

At its most fundamental level, living itself is a deeply creative art.

So we’re going to be exploring creativity here a lot. I’m going to encourage you to discover the many ways in which you can express your creativity in your life.